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Nov 5, 2020

With this Crazy Election taking up most of everyones attention we decided to give you all a Best of Show of some of our best interviews of 2020.

We were one of the first to interview Shyheim The Rugged Child upon his release from Prison. Full interview here

Dr Umoren came on right before the Covid-19 Pandemic broke out in America to give us early insight to the virus. Full interview here

This interview with Big Daddy Kane went viral and was covered by multiple blog sites here is one of the clips from this interview. Watch full interview here

We had my husband Darius McCrary on twice in 2020. This is a clip from the first time we had him on. Watch full interview here

This interview with long time homey Suave XXX actually got my co-host Courtney in trouble with his mother. LBVS!! Watch full interview here

My buddy the funny Brandon Scanavich from the Hollywood Kick Back is on. Watch full interview here

Dupre "DoITAll" Kelly from the Lords of Underground. Watch the full interview here

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