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Sep 16, 2020

Today we welcome the full cast from my new movie Saturday School.  5 Suspected kids gets Saturday School after a teachers' (Cherie Johnson) purse gets stolen.  Saturday School is available right now on Amazon Prime.  Watch, Rate, and Review this movie NOW!

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Aug 26, 2020

This week on Cherie’s World my friend Texas Battle is here to talk about his new film that’s out this week called Hard Kill with Bruce Willis. Texas talks about getting into the entertainment business and working with Samuel Jackson on his first film Coach Carter. He tells us some advice my brother, Antwon Tanner...

Aug 19, 2020

Today we welcome Tanjareen, most notably from Bounce TV's Family Time to Cherie's World.  Tanjareen talks about how she is staying busy during Covid by producing her own material, being married in Hollywood (Clayton Thomas), working on HBO's INSECURE with Issa Rae, her "Orange Dress" and a lot more.

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Aug 12, 2020

My cousin Shar Jackson and I, are both attracted to todays guest, Mr Talent Harris aka Talent Da Comedian.  Talent talks about how he got into comedy and acting.  We share stories of me being a young girl in the club when I wasn't supposed to be there and his reactions to girls pulling "the reverse R Kelly" and Talent...

Aug 5, 2020

Today we welcome my dear friend Tamar Braxton to Cherie's World.  I was on her show "To Catch a Beautician" and today Tamar returns the favor.

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