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Dec 29, 2020

Zollyann Howell is an experienced Educator, an Entrepreneur, and the Author of “Making Things Happen” a self-help inspirational book for women and the popular children’s titles “Why Should You Love Yourself” and “Why Do You Love Yourself”. As a mom of three, she wanted more out of life. And knew that all her dreams could become a reality if she found the courage to pursue them. She is passionate and dedicated to helping women find their true passion and achieve their goals.

What Inspired Zollyann to write “Making things Happen”? The idea of “Making Things Happen” first evolved two years ago when Zollyann wrote down a list of thirty goals that she wanted to accomplish before she became thirty years old. The journey of her working relentlessly to accomplish those goals is what inspired her to write “Making Things Happen”. In her book, she reveals the successes and shortcomings that have shaped her career as an entrepreneur. In hopes that it can inspire those women to pursue their dreams and find their own path to creative freedom. She believes that by building self-esteem and becoming secure in your purpose can lead you to accomplishing all your goals in life.

Why did Zollyann Create BossBabeMove: Zollyann created BossBabeMove for women to have a supportive community of ambitious and relentless women to mentor and support each other throughout their entrepreneurial journey.

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